The Proposal(s)

Josh is a world traveler and master diver. In February 2012, Josh took Karen to Mexico to learn how to scuba dive in Cozumel and enjoy some relaxation on the beach in Tulum.  Josh had a plan, but plans change when the stars align, or in their case…Dolphins! Here is how one proposal became two!!

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Proposal #1: Cozumel, Mexico

The view from the balcony of our hotel. nothing but reef, ocean and sun.

One of the beautiful things about Cozumel is that the hotels face West with unobstructed views of the ocean and Mexico’s mainland. This allows guests to take in one of the world’s most magical sunset views, as the sun melts right into the Pacific Ocean.

On the first night of their stay in Cozumel, Josh and Karen sadly checked in during sunset. So, they made a plan for the following day to sit on their balcony and watch this beautiful occurrence from beginning to end. They sat, holding hands, as Josh watched Karen admire a type of sunset she had never experienced.  All they could see was an orange sky, an endless ocean and a fire-filled sun melting into it.

The sun melting into the ocean

Then, as the giant, orange sun began hitting the horizon, a small boat came through and in its wake, dolphins followed.  This was one of those unexpected moments that only happen in the movies. Patrons and staff below began shouting to those in the balcony’s to make sure this sighting wasn’t missed. Such a sighting is rare and believed to be good luck!

The dolphins played in the sunset and around this boat for 15 minutes

While the dolphins played in the sunset, Josh quietly got up from his chair, went into the room, came back  onto the balcony and got on one knee. Karen was so oblivious to the entire thing, lost in the beauty that was in front of her.  Confused for only a split second, she jumped out of her seat as Josh asked her if he could “take care of her for the rest of her life as his wife.”

Through tears, she said “Yes,” and she and Josh spent the rest of the night celebrating with the rest of Mexico in the Carnival Parade.

Engagement Photo (Mexico)

Engagement Photo (Mexico). Thanks to our nice neighbors for taking the picture!

Proposal #2: Tulum Ruins of the Maya, Tulum, Mexico

Josh had an amazing initial engagement plan but taking into consideration that he wanted to spend the rest of the weekend celebrating and realizing that the moment presented itself so clearly with the dolphins, Josh chose the moment in Cozumel to present Karen with the ring he had designed for her. However, this didn’t stop Josh from bending down on his knee again and going through with the initial plan.

Raging the Ruins, Tulum Mayan Ruins, Mexico.

Five days had passed by the time Josh and Karen made it to Tulum, Mexico. They had spent all week celebrating, diving and eating their way through Cozumel.  Tulum was meant to be a quiet retreat. They settled into a lovely, quiet cabana hotel and planned only a few outings.

For days, Josh had spoken of this amazing alcove on the beach of the ruins. And for days, Karen kept forgetting about the alcove because so many new and wonderful things were happening over the course of the trip. After pulling themselves away from the pristine Tulum beach, Josh and Karen set off for the Tulum Mayan Ruins.

Stairs leading to the Tulum Ruins Beach.

They took in the ruins, the decaying architecture, the numerous land lizards the size of dogs, the breath-taking views of the ocean. The importance and power of the site was not lost on Karen. But still, she had forgotten about the most important part of this location.

Eventually, Josh and Karen made their way to the beach down the gorgeous staircase on the side of the rocky cliff. Once used as protection for a dead civilization, this rocky site was now a beach that Josh and Karen were able to enjoy.

Then, after a while, Josh took Karen’s hand and led her to a spot down the beach that he had found years earlier. Karen was taking everything in, and as the cliff walls got tighter and closer, they hit a rope. The area that Josh had wanted to take Karen too was now blocked due to rough waves crashing amongst the rocks.

The private alcove behind the ropes. Tulum, Mexico

Did this stop Josh? No!  Josh tried taking Karen beyond the ropes, but not before asking to have her ring back. Karen, thinking that the ring was safer on her finger then in his hand in such rough conditions, denied him the ring at first. He asked for the ring again and again she denied him.

Finally, the light bulb in Karen’s head went off.  She squealed as she gave Josh the ring. He lead her by hand, beyond the ropes, into the rough waters and for the second time, got down on bended knee.

As Josh and Karen went behind the ropes, staff immediately began coming towards them.  Luckily, other beach patrons, realizing what was happening, stopped the staff long enough for Josh to deliver his loving speech.

His speech may have been different this time but her answer was still the same.

Josh and Karen after the second proposal, Tulum, Mexico.