His Story


Born in Brooklyn and raised in Manhattan, Josh is about as much of a New Yorker as you will ever meet. Josh grew up on the Upper East Side on East 76th Street where his mother, Andrea Raskin, still lives.

Josh went away to Israel for a year of high school and also lived on a Kibbutz for a year at age 18. He has been a world traveler ever since and has traveled to every continent except Antarctica.

Josh got his Undergraduate degree from SUNY New Paltz in Political Science. This led to a career teaching Social Studies and a job as a basketball coach at a Manhattan Middle school where he has worked for 16 years. Along the way, he also picked up two Masters degrees in Education.

JoshandSophieIn 2004, Sophie Bliss Raskin was born giving Josh a loving and wonderful daughter to cherish. She spreads joy everywhere she goes, especially in Josh’s heart.

The greatest thing to happen in Josh’s life in the last few years was meeting Karen Dugan at the Brooklyn Bowl. Josh shares many things with Karen, especially an addiction to live music.

Since their meeting, Josh has taken Karen to France, Holland, The Montreaux Jazz Festival and finally, Mexico, where he got down on bended knee and asked Karen to marry him as dolphins danced in the Caribbean sunset. He is so excited to enjoy the rest of his amazing life with his true love Karen at his side!!