Our Greening Efforts

We are excited to incorporate modern digital programs into our wedding in many ways. Ways that help us keep our wedding GREEN by saving on unnecessary paper and plastic waste.  And ultimately, serve our guests better with the navigation and enjoyment of our Big Day!!!

  1. Using MailChimp, we created electronic Save-The-Dates.
  2. By integrating a Google Documents Form into the Save-The-Dates, we were able to easily create our guest list with responses from our guests.
  3. With the help of our sweet friend, Kristy O’Connor, we created a custom-made wedding website: Www.Karen-and-Josh.com.
  4. Using WeddingMapper.com allowed us to create a free, interactive, and personalized wedding map  w/Google underlays to share with our guests. This will aid greatly in navigation and planning for hotels.
  5. We are using an Iphone/Adroid App, called WeddingPartyApp.com, for pictures. Replacing the old skool “cameras-on-the-table” tradition, this app should be fun for all. Password is karenjosh2013